Captain America Civil War

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This movies starts out with the avengers tracking Crossbones in Africa. This encounter is the latest in a series of events that make it so that the governments of the world want to rein in the superheros.

It's a real question that makes this movie so interesting. Should super beings be subject to government law? Well all that aside they try and talk it out and when that fails they fight it out.

There are a couple sub-plots that, of course, that set up future movies but the main story line here is really Iron Man aka Tony Stark Vs. The Winter Soldier who just happens to be a friend of Steve Rogers from way, way, way back.

Worth Watching? Yes

Worth Owning? Definitely

It's a real no-win situation for Steve Rogers but he's going to stick with his friend because he thinks it's the right thing to do. So far Steve has done some pretty big things with his convictions and this is no different.


1) Amazing action

2) Deep story

3) New heros


1) A little too deep in a couple spots

2) Very long

3) A little weepy