Sports History

1) High school swim team 3 years

2) Weight lifting

3) Running

4) Football (amateur)

5) Mountain and street bicycling

6) Tri-athelons

7) Racquetball

8) Basketball

9) Baseball

Computer Consulting

What Else Have I Done?

Work History:

1) Burger King 3 years

2) McDonalds's 5 years

3) United States Air Force 6 years

4) Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care 6 years

5) RadioShack 8.5 years

6) Bank of America 4 years

7) Department of Veterans Affairs 11 years

My Work Shop

1) Home network setup

2) Install hardware (network cards, video cards, power supplies, hard drives)

3) Printer setup

4) Intermediate troubleshooting-If I can't fix I speak the language of higher level tech support so you don't have to

5) Web design is entirely my design except for the background texture.

6) Home theater installs

7) Smart TV setup

8) Gaming expert

When I was younger and had a work shop, primarily wood working, and here is what it looked like. If you want to send pictures of your shop I'd be happy to post them. Send to

I was not a tradesman during my working life but I did take three years of woodshop in junior high school. I also took three years of drafting, and two years of metal shop. Then came high school and the real world of financial pressure started setting in so I started working when I was fifteen and haven't stopped yet.

Woodworking had always been a dream of mine since shop days but I never had the $$$ to assemble a shop but in this time of my life I got lucky and was able to do most carpentry repairs to my home saving a large amount of money.  Then came the time to begin thinking of downsizing and picking up a less demanding hobby. Make no mistake, woodworking is hard work. The wood sucks every bit of moisture out of your hands and they crack and split terribly. I was lucky not to have done more than a few major lacerations to myself. No lost body parts thankfully.

The DeWalt planer I'm using needed to have the inside cleaned out, which was quite easy if you follow the book, and while wiping down the inside I missed the warning and mistook a metal bar that I thought was harmless when it was really the planer blade and I sliced my thumb right open.

The house is a 3 family built back in 1913. I tore out quite a bit of rotted wood and replaced it wherever I could while maintaining building code standards and permits. I maintained the house for fifteen years until it was time to let someone else take over.