In this picture I'm highlighting the project to screen in the back porch. I framed it, screened it, built the doors, and painted it.

I sold this house in October of 2014. I had owned it since October of 1999. It was a net loss but I sure learned a lot about carpentry, plumbing, electrical systems, and the law.

‚ÄčI screened in this back porch and it was so nice and cool to sit outside without flies and other insects bothering me but alas I had to sell the house as it was too much money to maintain.

In June of 2014 I decided to patch and seal coat the driveway. There was a part of the driveway that needed to be rebuilt too. 

Step one was to use a screwdriver to pull all the dirt and weeds out of the cracks, then sweep it, then use the blower, then fill the cracks in generously. This took days of work in the hot sun to fill all the cracks.

This is the section of the driveway that needed to be repaired. I filled cracks of any size so the sealcoating would get best results.

Quite a patchwork of cracks to fill in. It took me three days of working about six hours a day to do all of it.