Red tail hawk with a fresh kill

As I was driving home on the 9th of February 2015 I saw an incredible sight. As I was slowly rounding a corner on a back country road I saw a red-tailed hawk swoop in on another bird (pidgeon?) and fan out his wings and snatch the other bird out of mid air. By now I had stopped the car as there was no other traffic and pulled out my camera and started taking pictures! What a lucky day to see such an amazing sight. As I got closer the hawk fluffed out his feathers saying "BACK Off Pal!" and I slowly drove by and reveled in the glow of seeing such an incredible thing. If you would like to own any or all of the pictures  the cost is $19.99 for all of them. You many use them as you wish on an unlimited and permanent basis. Just click the buy now link for secure PayPal and then save the photos to your drive.