30 ROCK is one of the best TV sitcoms ever which is really no surprise since Tina Fey is brilliant. She is truly the glue that holds this show together and the I'm richer for getting to know the other actors on the show. They are all funny in their own ways and the political digs they throw in all the time scream "Tina Wrote This" and I love how she expresses herself. The character Liz Lemon will live on forever. Even today someone walked past my cubicle and said to some random person "Do you like Lemon?" I responded with a resoundingly loud "I like Liz Lemon!" and then I wonder if my Federal ID badge is a deal-breaker? What say you @MSTinaFey ?

So, the question has been officially tweeting to Ms. Fey about whether or not a Federal ID Badge is a deal-breaker. If it is then a whole lot of Doctors and Nurses will now be un-dateable. If Ms. Fey answers me I'll post the tweet here!

Pros and Cons of binging on 30 Rock:


1) Politically Incorrect

2) Inappropriately hilarious

3) So funny that you dare not repeat what's said outside your own home.


1) Hilarious...every...single...time

2) Many nuances to look at

3) Brings your focus to many current events issues that may require some critical thinking.

4) Recommend you watch all seasons twice.

Dr. Stephen Strange- A Review by Mr. Steven Thompson

Disclaimer: The more I watch a movie the more I tend to enjoy it. Having said that, the first time I watched this I had all the right reactions including the medical trauma. Didn't enjoy watching that but it had to be shown. Mr. Cumberpatch is suburb and I agree the Ancient One should have been someone different but that's only because Tilda made me look it up to see if she was a man or woman. Doesn't matter, Tilda Swinton is fantastic in this role. She nailed every moment and made you think a little the way the Ancient One should. I highly recommend this movie. Buy it, watch it twice before you form an opinion and then tell me!

Cons: 1) The medical drama (only because I was an EMT and don't like seeing it)

Pros: 1) Spectacular effects

          2) Dimensional insight into the multi-verse. (Stephen Hawking...is that you?)

          3) Insight into unlocking quick travel portals. Where can I buy a sling ring?

          4) Overcoming life crushing injury does not mean your life is over. It's just beginning. 


Marvel Rules!
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