The Dark Knight trilogy stands out as a knockout punch for DC as this trilogy is a definite must own. The series starts with the usual origin story followed by the height of his power story followed by the decline/miraculous comeback story. 


1) Authentic-you may think it's possible for the Bat to exist

2) The story is gripping and the action is flawless.

3) The outcomes satisfy as only Batman can.


1) Reminds us of the tragedy of losing Heath Ledger but he is now immortal.

2) Hard to see Batman get beaten to the edge of losing.

3) Hard to see his comeback but it works!

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Listen up all you critics who didn't like this movie....This movie is a masterpiece and I've watched it 9 times so far and it gets better every time. This story hit hard as the opening scene was reminiscent of 9/11 as you watched a major city being attacked. The tension builds in DC fashion and has many subplots that will spawn the DC Universe. Anybody who compares DC to Marvel is not seeing the bigger picture. They are two different parts of the multiverse. DC is much different and in many ways far superior to Marvel. Please understand Marvel was my first love but DC was there on TV long before Marvel but we all know they are both great and now we know there is no need to compare them. Both are great!


1) Some cheesy moments (example; Jessie saying to the Senator "really, really good?" was cringe-worthy.

2) Too long, was truly two different movies

3) A tad too much sentiment, ya Clark we get it...mommy is the only one who understands you now in this big complex world.


1) Batman Vs. Superman! Man, if you don't watch it, buy it, and then watch it again you are not a comic book fan and must immediately leave this website (I'm just kidding..go look at my pictures of nature :-)

2) The effects are epic. It really makes you feel like you're screwed way worse than the alien invasion of NYC. Jack's death was truly touching and tragic.

3) Was two movies in one! Magnificent! Atomic! Buy it, watch it, love it!

Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice

Immortals starring Henry Cavill is a terrific story. If you love mythology then let me tell you, you are in for a real treat here. And this is 2 years before the delicious Henry Cavil became known to the world as the Man of Steel.

The movie opens with a humble and loving man caring for his mother while an epic disaster is underway and the action never stops from there. It literally never stops and it's not action for actions sake, this is real mythology come to life in ways many of us have been waiting all of our lives to See instead of just read about. Well, my friends...that time came in 2011 when this movie came out.

Henry fights like a warrior god yet he's just a man. It's time for Man to stand up against evil and may the Gods protect us!


1) Under age people may be inadvertently aroused at Henry's near naked, ripped body fighting battle after battle.

2) Overwhelming seeing so many myths and legends come to life at once.


1) Henry Cavill delivers a sincere and strong performance in this movie which is why when Man of Steel came out I was excited.

2) The action is brutal and believable and original. This is the real deal for must own movies.

3) The stereo-typical rally the troops speech is not bad at all. You Will enjoy this movie.

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